Change CIPCUG.ORG Account To New Server

First of all, log into your new account using a browser. Your email address did not change. Log in with the existing email address and the password that was mailed to you on the old VCMail server on 6/24/18. Navigate to, select RoundCube as the default viewer and make sure you see your account. It will have a configuration file for reference as the first file. Be sure to change the password from the default to what you had before or something new. Your choice.

Once you know the account was setup correctly and you can log into it, you can configure your email. The instructions for Outlook are here. Below there are some pages for other email programs.

In Outlook, click on File > Account Settings > Account Settings > highlight the CIPCUG account and click Change: You'll see your current settings. Change the ones with the red arrows below.

Outlook Configuration Page

Next, Click on More Settings > Advanced:

Advanced Settings

With any luck it should keep the same PST file, with all your messages, contacts, calendar items, etc. still sitting there. At least it did for me, twice.