The President's Message
January 2000

I feel this is the time of the year when we should give thanks to the many members of the club who have worked so hard to continue keeping it a very viable computer club. Their combined efforts are enjoyed by all of us.

Toby Scott continues to work just as hard as ever, even though he is now the past president. Robert Provart, our past, past president continues to do his part in getting projection equipment to the meetings and has done some of the SIGs in addition to lending his input at the board meetings. Mike Strecker gives an excellent Beginners SIG each month in the back room before the general meeting as well as filling in doing an occasional evening SIG at Gateway. This is one of those places that the club needs a little shoring up. We are in need of more SIG providers. If you are interested, please contact our SIG Coordinator, Ralph Duchacek.

Nita Lang, our vice president, has spent many long hours putting a monthly program schedule together and is currently scheduled through July 2000. (It's all there on the Web page). Our other two officers include Art Lewis, treasurer, and Bob Fischer, secretary. They give of their time behind the scenes. Helen Long greets people at the guest table and is also our Webmaster. If you haven't visited our Web page, you are really missing out on what is currently going on by her frequent updates. Also, be sure to check out the numerous photos of club members, presenters, and club activities. Our photographer, Jerry Crocker, is doing a great job and is also a big help to me behind the scenes!

There are the equipment haulers who are doing an excellent job every month, Barry Creasap, Dick Otterson and Arthur Jensen, who also wears two hats as he is the club librarian. John Godwin is kept busy with membership duties and is doing a wonderful job.

The people who are responsible for the TOE include editor John Weigle, publisher Arne Markussen, and Bill Norton, who continues to print the labels every month. A number of volunteers assist in folding, tabbing and labeling the TOE each month. (It is surprising what some people will do for a cookie and a cup of coffee). There are also the members who continue to contribute interesting, informative articles to the TOE each month in addition to the software reviews.

Our Education Editor, Trish Zakas, lines up members to review programs that are written up in the TOE and is doing an admirable job. Our advertising people, Gracia Marks and Laura Pacheco, continue to work on getting new advertising.

Our computer show coordinator, Paddy Ruzella, and co-chair Kenneth Stock can always use more volunteers to man the booth at the shows. There are also the volunteers who set up and operate the audio equipment, Henry Tanner, and the roving microphones, Mike Shalkey and John Weigle.

Please don;t take all of these people for granted. My apologies if I missed someone. When you see them at the meetings, let them know you appreciate what they are doing! And Volunteer, Volunteer, Volunteer!

I would like to call your attention to an article "Oxnard Adult School computer classes." Margaret Wright told me that if the club could generate enough people, they could set up a class specifically for us. If you are interested in these classes, call the school. There are additional starting dates through spring. These classes sound like a wonderful opportunity for a good many of us. The rate for senior citizens is very appealing ($25 for seniors, books extra). It is right in our back yard and it would seem a shame if we don't take advantage of it.

Arline and I appreciate the effort club members made in participating in the Market Trends Survey. Even with one false start and the survey time cut down to eight days to qualify for an additional $100, there were more than the needed 40 surveys completed two days before the deadline. That's really truckin! Market Trends will send the club $400 for this joint effort. Viva La CIPCUG!