The President's Message


George Lakes

A very special thanks to those members who responded to the email sent to the members entitled "CIPCUG S.O.S. for membership". (If you did not receive one, it is because we do not have your correct email address. Please send an email to with subject "My email address" and give your name and membership number. Norm White, who filled in for John Godwin, was in the hospital and we had enough people to do the job in their absence. The club is always in need of volunteers. It takes many volunteers to keep a club going. The more there are, the easier it is on everyone and the more successful the club can be.

Our current Membership Chairman, John Godwin, has enjoyed holding down this Club position for well over two years, but needs to take a break for personal reasons. He is willing to work with the new Membership Chairman to accomplish an easy transfer of duties. These duties may be divided up between several people who are willing to work together. This will provide the chance to improve one's skills in MS Word and MS Access.

Our past Vice President, Nita Lang must give up the raffle chairmanship effective immediately. We need a chairperson and several volunteers to assist each month. If there are enough people, it could be on a rotation basis.

It is time to form a nominating committee. I would like to have a chairman and four volunteers. They will be responsible for creating a slate of officers (most important, a new president) and finding people to fill committee chairmanships. Please consider helping fill this need.

If anyone is hesitating about running for president because of location of board meetings and newsletter folding parties, Arline and I are happy to continue having them at our home if desired. We have appreciated the support and friendship from the current board and committee members and I am sure the new president will get the same support I have had.

The following addition to the bylaws posted in last month's Command.Com will be voted on at the January 6th meeting. If you can't attend, please vote the ballot on our web page or send an email to: between Saturday, December 24th 2000 and January 2nd 2001. When voting, each member must include, first and last name and membership number.


Each member is entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote by the members. Voting at duly held meetings may be made by either voice vote or ballot. Election of Officers will be by ballot.

A proposed addition to: ARTICLE 13; MEETING OF MEMBERS; SECTION 13.7a VOTING RIGHTS shall include:

Notice shall be given at the regular meeting one month prior to the month in which the vote will be taken. The notice shall be placed prominently in the newsletter and on the club's WEB PAGE as well.

Voting at duly held meetings may be made by either voice vote and/or by ballot including electronic ballot as follows: Voting prior to any given monthly general meeting may be done by a ballot sent to the membership via e-mail and returned to the President of the Corporation at the President's e-mail address ( ) and/or by voting a ballot on the club's WEB PAGE and counted by the Web Page administrator or a designated member. Each Ballot must include first and last name and membership number. Electronic voting shall be made available for the membership to vote fourteen (14) days prior to the monthly business meeting, until four (4) days before the monthly meeting. Members will sign attendance sheets at the business meeting. Members will be issued a written ballot if they are not on record as having voted electronically.

Keep saving your empty (original, manufacturer) ink cartridges, both color and black which the club sends to Russ Kalvin of CBW, Inc. We sent off 43 more cartridges collected by members over the past few months. This will net the club an additional $86.00 for the club treasury.