The President's Message

January 2003

Andy Toth

The year-end holidays have passed and a New Year is starting. Best wishes to all for a healthy and engaging 2003. I do not normally make resolutions, but this coming year is an exception. I spent the last year trying to assemble a high-end computer that never met 100 percent of my expectations. It never will. I’ve realized that no machine ever will. My resolution is simple: I will use the computer instead of building one. That extra bit of performance is not of importance. It is only an annoyance if it does not function. It is time to move on and enjoy the technology.

I am trying to have the CIPCUG CD set ready for the February General Meeting. It is a compilation of member recommended/reviewed freeware and shareware along with MS Office and Operating System Service Packs. There is still a lot of work to do. The set is estimated to be in the $5 range; final price depends on cost to produce. Jim Burke, Jim Pass, and Arline Erickson have volunteered to shake down the first burned CDs. Thank you. Anybody want to design the CD labels? Burning 300-400 CDs is a challenge also. It is going to take more than a few CD-RWs. CIPCUG will furnish the media. Of course, there will be a SIG or more, but each item should have a README on function and installation. Let us not forget the DISCLAIMER. This is not a trivial task. John Weigle does this every month to get the TOE to the printers. If it is not done quickly the software will be obsolete. To lend a hand send an e-mail to Your assistance is needed.

Almost 20 percent of the club has signed up for the SIGLIST. If you have not been receiving the notification resubmit. I have finally coalesced the last year's e-mail onto a single computer. What a concept. I attempted to keep that list intact, but I know I lost a few last week after a challenging attempt by Outlook to overthrow Lotus Notes. Outlook lost badly. I lost all my groups and part of my contacts and ended up with a major change in Outlook's settings. I am looking for SIG sequence ideas. For example, I am going to do a SIG in January on Music Match, which will cover converting analog (records and tapes) to digital media. Larry Hudson will follow up in February with how to clean up your converted media using CoolEdit 2000. There will be a SIG on 3D-Album as 17 members of the club have it. Please send me an e-mail on any ideas you may have.