The President's Message

January 2004

David Harris


A lot of unnecessary e-mails and lots of incorrect and incomplete information had been passed to members resulting in open floor time for members to comment on the proposed change in meeting dates. Please see "The Board Comments" in this issue for complete details. We heard from members who, after hearing the facts, agreed to the proposed change; others related how the date would cause them not to be able to attend some or all meetings. I myself will not be available for our February or April meetings. Our objective is to present the best programs at our meetings. Your board is your board and will continue to act in the best interest of you, the club members.

At our board meeting this Tuesday December 9, it was unanimous that we change our meeting day to the fourth Saturday of the month if possible. After reviewing holidays and conferring with dates available at the Boys & Girls Club, the following is our schedule for the first six months of 2004: Jan. 3 (first Saturday); Feb. 28, March 27 and April 24 (fourth Saturdays); May 29 (fifth Saturday); and June 26 (fourth Saturday). Dates for the balance of 2004 will be announced as soon as we lock them in. Advance notice will be given of all meetings so you can plan accordingly. OK, this at first looked confusing, but as the majority of members agreed and stated at our general meeting comment session if we know in advance of the meeting dates and we can attract top presenters let's give it a try. The only fourth Saturday that is not available for us is in May, when the Bays & Girls Club holds its annual fund-raiser. We chose May 29 as it is Memorial Day weekend, the fifth Saturday and seems to be a correct weekend to hold our "Garage Sale".

Thanks to all who e-mailed me and other board members. We look forward to hearing from you so we may better the club.