The President's Message


David Harris

Please let me stop any confusion or rumors about the change of meeting weeks. We asked for a show of hands about changing the meeting date to the third Saturday of each month. The reason for this was the confusion some members had about our fourth Saturday meetings from January until October then changing to the third Saturday for November and December to avoid the holiday weekends. This was only a quick survey. Our meetings are set for 2005 the same as last year, the fourth Saturday from January through October, then changing to the third Saturday for November and December. The board can not and will not make any changes without bringing it up to the club members for a vote.

As far as SIGs are concerned, we plan on holding our regular SIGs during the month at Ventura County Computers as we have in the past. In addition we are going to hold additional SIGs after our monthly meetings in January and February at the Round Table Pizza in the Von's/Long's/K-Mart center at Arneill and Ponderosa road. In January we will be doing Google for those who want to see it again and for those who missed it. We will have an online connection so we can visit some of its unusual search sites. In February, a session on computer security will be given. See who is looking into your computer - you will be surprised how easy it is to enter if you are not protected.

I will be attending the APCUG conference in January representing our club. Hopefully, I can obtain some good, useful information and book some new vendors for our meetings.

Hoping all members had a good holiday season. Ask yourself what you can do for your club in 2005.