The President's Message

January 2018

by Lisa Toth, Acting President

Established 1987

By the time you read this, Christmas and New Year's Day will have come and gone. I truly hope you had a wonderful Christmas and got plenty of sleep on New Year's Eve. I know I did. The party life lost its glitter some years ago.

On another note, I don't know if any of our members were adversely affected by the Thomas fire. Living in Oxnard, we saw the horrible glow the first night or two and suffered a lot of smoke. I have to say my heart aches for all those who lost everything in the fire. As of this writing. more than 272,000 acres and more than 1,000 structures were lost to the flames. That doesn't even count homes just damaged as well as vehicles and animals, domestic and wild, lost or displaced in the fire. The true toll will never be known. I pray that all our members are safe and sound.

With the fire in mind, Toby and Michael spent the program talking about what we should be doing and should have already done. Pictures of your belongings, backups of your devices,. pictures of all your important papers in the cloud and password-protected. Toby talked about Office 365 Family. We will be getting that soon - as in by the time you read this. I'm about to get my cell phone working overtime, too. Please, if you did not make it to the meeting, be sure to read the transcript later in this newsletter. It is information I hope I never need to rely on. If I do, I plan to have it.

Once again, I am asking for someone to step up and take on the task of president of this fine organization, even if you are prez in name only. Craig Ladd and I have no problem handling meetings. I can even help with the monthly column. You don't want me ragging on you for the next two years.

    'In January, we meet on the fourth Saturday, so until then,

    Lisa Toth

    Acting President

Happy computing!