The President's Message

January 2018

by Andy Toth

Established 1987

Happy New Year

I found the November program to be very interesting. I started my Care and Feeding of a Digital Music Library with a historical review of the technology innovations that made personal digital music libraries possible. Toby and Michael presented a historical time line of Microsoft and PCs. Like most things, nothing happens overnight, but, once set in motion, progression seems almost exponential. There is a surprising amount of technology and innovation, along with a little luck, that makes things happen.

My wife, Lisa, often says that we live in magical times. My grandmother went from horse and buggy to a man on the moon in her lifetime. I will go from a man on the moon to ?? These truly are magical times. Magic can also be used for negative purposes. I must remember that with magic, a distraction, I can easily be fooled - fooled to pressing or clicking a key I should not have. The results can be very devastating to me.

There was a time when I could maintain privacy. There is no privacy today. VPN can help but, that is not where the threat is. I recently have been asking questions regarding contacts on my Android phone. My contacts resided in the green phone icon. After a system update, I lost most of my contacts. I installed the Google blue contacts icon and discovered the remainder resided there, but I cannot figure out how to merge the two sets of names. To make things even more interesting, on my Samsumg tablet, which is incapable of text or phone, the orange contact icon has all my contacts plus some never transferred from my previous Windows phone. Even if I deleted all my contacts, they would reside in some digital storage bunker somewhere. What a waste of bits.

Every app I have would not install unless I grant access to information totally unrelated to the app. Decline access, and the app usually will not install. Pay for an app; I might not get advertisements, but I still need to grant access. In the early days of PCs, I thought MS deliberately made the OS so that no understanding was required, hence deliberately insecure. I will, however, admit, that through trial and error MS has emerged with excellent products, achieving both. I certainly hope the Android OS progresses quickly. I am late into the tablet and smart phone era. It is almost a necessity to have a smart phone. I will concede that they are definite conveniences. What I cannot figure out is why this OS was even accepted.

To end,

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy Upcoming Year, Andy