The President's Message

February 2003

Andy Toth

As I mentioned at the General Meeting, August 2003 will be the last month CIPCUG will be able to use the Freedom Center free of charge. We may not have had to pay a rental fee for the hall, but it was not just given to the club. Two members, Don Click and Lois Evans De Violini, worked with the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District and provided years of computer support. It was through their hard work that CIPCUG would eventually use the Freedom Center.

Don Click, member #1, worked hard in organizing the club and getting it established. He made arrangements for the early meeting rooms as the club grew. After his death in January 1991, Lois stepped in and covered his support. This allowed the club to continue to use the Camarillo Community Center. As the club outgrew the Community Center, Lois negotiated for the use of the Freedom Center for the club. The computer support effort just recently ended. Two dedicated members worked in the background for 14 years to allow CIPCUG to have exceptional meeting facilities.

This is testimony to what two volunteers can do. Volunteers keep the club alive. Look through the TOE and note the number of volunteers helping run the club and provide support for the F1 Help Key and the ISP. The cost of the Freedom Center will be $300 per meeting if we continue to use it. Jim Burke has agreed to help investigate the possibility of another site. He cannot do it by himself. There are several possibilities, but help is needed to make phone calls and follow up leads. This is a short-term effort, miniscule compared to 14 years. I believe enough time has been allowed to find what will work best for the club. The next thing I would like to mention is the club's two-CD compilation of updates, patches, freeware, and shareware. There is a current listing in this issue. It is close to the final version. After last month's issue, a number of excellent suggestions were made and added. There were a few more mentioned today that will be added. The CDs will be available at the February meeting. The final cost is not known at this writing. Almost all of the software included has a description of what it does, a link for more information, and installation instructions. Need additional help with the CD? Call or e-mail me.