The President's Message

March 2009

Paul Westefer

BACK AGAIN BY POPULAR DEMAND: Rick the Ranter and Michael Shalkey will conduct the ever-popular Computer Checkup at the April CIPCUG meeting. It's first come, first served so be there when the doors open at 8:30 a.m. I have recently received two offers by mail for a similar checkup. Both charged $50. We will charge only $15. The Computer Checkup will take place in the usual room beyond the large meeting room.

Craig Ladd and I met with the director of the Camarillo Boys & Girls Club and his assistant on Feb. 18. They assured us that we have the exclusive use of the facilities we need for scheduled meetings. The problems in January were due to a breakdown in their internal communications. We went through the calendar for the remainder of the year. It was a good idea because their November and December calendars had us down for the wrong dates.

The first meeting of the Computing 101 class drew eight enthusiastic participants. If you are new to the wonderful world of computers, are tackling a new program, or if you have a question you would prefer to ask in a smaller group, this is the place for you. Computing 101 meets at the Boys & Girls Club before the regular meeting at the same time as Toby Scott's Internet and e-mail SIG.

And the search goes on. We now have a Search Committee for the coming May election of officers. Please give full consideration to the position they discuss with you. Think of how impressive the title will be on your résumé.