The President's Message

MARCH 2012

Jim Brown

This month I would like to offer our congratulations to Helen Long. Helen has been a very dedicated member of our user group and board of directors. Although she had the responsibility of maintaining our website as her primary focus, she also would do just about anything that was requested of her. She was awarded a life membership in our user group in recognition of her dedication and hard work. She joins a group of members who are few in number who have received this recognition. Helen, we thank you.

We welcome Andy Toth to the board. Andy is a past president, and he has volunteered to maintain our website. I know his knowledge of our group will be useful and will be an asset to the board.

Additionally, longtime member Jim Thornton is contributing articles to TOE. If anyone has an interest in specific software, please let John Weigle the, editor of our newsletter, know, and he will pass your request on to Jim.

I would like to acknowledge the work of a few other members: Sandy Gelso; who sells the raffle tickets with a smile; David Minkin, who controls the audio so that the Q&A can be heard and transcribed; Curt Davison, the assistant sound tech; photographer Jerry Crocker, who provides pictures for the website, the Facebook page and TOE; and the varied members who carry the microphones to our members who ask questions during the Q&A. We appreciate your work. Thank you.

The second land mine was my contribution to having an interesting life. I knew my son was being careless with security. We had discussed it, and I decided my best option was to put firewalls around his machine and allow him to find out for himself why virus protection and a modicum of caution were good ideas.

As you can see, the tasks of putting on our monthly meetings are varied, and we appreciate the volunteers who make it all happen.

Remember to bring a guest, and give them a copy of TOE.

Happy computing!