The President's Message

March 2018

by Lisa Toth, Acting President

Established 1987

Daylight Savings started on 3/11, Mardi Gras has come and gone and so have Valentine's Day, Presidents Day, and even St. Patrick's Day I had hoped for a more leisurely 2018, but fires, floods and mudslides and the passing of all these events and more, make me think it won't be. On another note. it's time to apply for the Grand Jury if you are interested. I've been waffling about applying again since I finished my term last July! I probably won't with all that's going on, but it was a great experience.

Last month's program by Toby and Michael was largely on searching for things on your computer. OneNote, documents and more. I really appreciated this as I had been having a brain freeze on how to find something in OneNote. Having more and more of those brain freezes lately.

Due to a double booking, we had to meet in the back one-third of the hall. We didn't have access to some of our equipment so we had to shout sometimes to be heard. We were, I hope, able to record the meeting so that John could transcribe it for TOE. It was very strange to talk into the mike and not here it over the speakers, but we got through it. We had a pretty good attendance, but the meetings don't seem to be as large as they used to be. Let's try to get to more of the meetings. They are very interesting, and it's nice to see people we don't see the rest of the month.

Once again, I am appealing to the membership to please take over the position of president of this group. It is the easiest job of all as we have such a great board and other volunteers. So please step up.

'til next time,

    Lisa Toth

    Acting President