The President's Message

April 2019

by Andy Toth

Established 1987

June elections are approaching very quickly. The board is seeking a presidential candidate. This column is the most difficult part of the office. It only takes about 400 words to fill the column. The other members of the board are very proficient at performing their club functions. Occasionally there will be a few organizational duties. These are usually straightforward. The office of CIPCUG president is a two-year commitment. Attendance at every meeting is not an issue, since there are a number of members capable of filling in at the meeting.

Bob Gostischa presented 'Protecting Your Digital Life." As usual, his presentation was pertinent and humorous. It is always interesting to see the increased capability over the previous offering. His listing of complimentary functional software is also worth investigating. John will do an exceptional recap of the presentation in TOE. I recommend further investigation into the links from Bob's presentation. Please send an email to and let Avast know you enjoyed the presentation and would like more.

We've had the wettest winter in many years preceded by some very devastating local wildfires. I hope everyone fared well.

TOE last month was a few pages lighter. Not only are presenters, virtual or not, impossible to get, but sources of articles are being exhausted. We are a club of computer users helping other users. Each of us has a favorite software, either free or purchased. When software is searched on line, free or not, 10,000 options come up. Which ones are best? If you use a particular free program/app or were looking for a particular program/app and tried several, spend a few minutes and describe your experience. This is invaluable to members. A couple of hundred words can save other members hours of search and try. The web has become the "Sales First, Anything Useful Listed On Screen 200".We are all looking pretty much for the same thing. Some of us find it sooner than others. Next month, Bart will be presenting a program on his favorite free programs. That should be informative to all.