The President's Message

Established 1987

May 2013

by Jim Brown, President

"Promoting the Harmony of Computer Education, and Camaraderie"

As I write this today the recent fire storm is 56% controlled, the winds are non-existent, and the smoke is light (cough, cough). It is times like these that I remember the advice that my father gave to me and that is to be prepared-In all things. In this immediate circumstance-when your gas tank is half full-refill it. If a disaster strikes you can at least get gas at a gas station located out of the area. If electricity is out you will not be able to refill unless the station has a generator.

I mention this because we as a group need to be prepared for possible changes coming in a few years. How do we adapt to the electronic communication changes due in the near future?. In my practice I have had to make significant changes in how I do record keeping, transmission of data and in obtaining analysis of a patients' complete health profile-and all this is done electronically. The revolution is beginning.

My question then is how CIPCUG adapts to become the information and education center for our community. Rick Smith touched on this a few months ago in his column-"Rick's Rant". He wondered how his business would have to change. Those of us that are part of the business world feel the changes being put upon business through the development of technology, government regulations, and the expectations of the general public. How does CIPCUG fit into this new world?

If we are able to adapt by seeing opportunities, and acting on them we will survive. Most of the founding members of this club 25 years ago were engineers working primarily in the aerospace industry. They were able to grasp the idea of the changes that were coming. Hopefully we will have the same foresight and can move forward with the confidence in the future that our founders had.

I am told that our April meeting was a very successful event and I hope that all of the attendees found the various aspects of the meeting interesting and enjoyable. I am told that the speaker presented an interesting program and is available to return and speak on many subjects Congratulations to the winners of the various raffle prizes-especially to Veronica who won not only the tablet but also a second item. She might have considered spending a few bucks that day on the CA Lottery!!

I have not looked at our web-site (sorry) but Craig Ladd I am sure posted on Facebook that on Thursday May 23rd the T.O. computer club is hosting a meeting at the Goebel Adult Center entitled "The Tablet Revolution." Info is available.

Our next meeting is on May 25th. Hope to see you all there.

Happy computing!