The President's Message

May 2016

by Lisa Toth, President

Established 1987

"Promoting the Harmony of Computer Education, and Camaraderie"

What a beautiful spring day today. Most of April has been lovely. Weeds are growing like crazy in my “garden.” I haven’t been out there much yet this year. Maybe soon. I am in physical therapy for an old shoulder injury that comes back to haunt me now and then. Haven’t been able to ride my bike either. I am feeling a lot better, so maybe tomorrow. To ride the bike I mean.

I want to thank Craig Ladd for the great programs he finds for us. I’ve learned so much as a result. Thank you, Craig.

Our speaker for April was Patrice Wheeler. She talked extensively about accessibility on the most popular platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android and more. See John Weigle’s article later in TOE for more information.


I’m pretty amazed anyone can gather up all this information on all these gadgets, make sense of it and present the information in understandable form for us to use.

There’s been some discussion about changing our club name. I think we will probably keep the name but branch out into the Internet of Things. So many things in our daily life are computerized in one way or another. I just bought a new sewing machine. A Bernina. In the instruction book, it is even referred to as a sewing computer. It has some knobs and buttons for some things, but most of the adjustments and stitch selections are made on a touch screen. It’s about 3 x 3 in size. Big enough that I can read and understand it. Sure makes my old machine seem like a clunker. Really sews beautifully though!

Our 2013 Honda is much more computerized than our old Buick was. Still have to pair my new smartphone to it. Another one of those things I was talking about last month that I have to learn. Can’t believe I bought a sewing computer after that rant.

I encourage our members to come to the meetings as often as they can. It is an opportunity to get your gadget questions answered as well as spend time with the other members. I enjoy the social aspect or our meetings as much as the presentations and Q&A.

We thought we would be out of town for the next meeting, but we will be here. So until May 28.
Lisa Toth, president

Happy computing!