The President's Message

JUNE 2000

George Lakes

Are you planning on attending the June Meeting? If you are not, we are going to try and make iteasy for you to vote. Last year, to get a quorum, which the By-laws require, it took 123 votes. It was necessary to include a couple of guests who just signed up so we would have a quorum. This year, it will take somewhere between 120 and 130 people.

To alleviate this potential problem, we are going to print the ballot in our newsletter and post it on the web page so members can vote by coming to the meeting or getting on our web page, fill out the ballot which will then be linked to or mail the printed ballot from the news letter to CIPCUG BALLOT, P. O. BOX 51354, Oxnard, CA 93031-1354 not later than May 31st. I will tabulate them prior to the meeting and see they are presented at the meeting at the time of the election.

Because our door prizes supplied by vendors have dwindled to the point of being almost non-existent, the board discussed the possibility of having a monthly raffle, which we would charge a dollar per ticket or five dollars for six tickets. This money would help the club defray the cost of software to be distributed as prizes. Members could use a little additional incentive for coming to the meetings. We request your support of the board's recommendation by voting for it at the June meeting.

We are still in need of volunteers to fill several appointed positions. John Godwin has done an excellent job as membership chairman as well as taking over Carl Kretzler's duties of handing out raffle tickets and helping man the sign in table at the meetings.

John needs to have a replacement for both his position and Carl's position. We will continue to make the membership aware of the need for volunteers as they come up.

At our June meeting, the board would like to honor some very special people who have spent untold hours solving the problems we had with our e-mail, web page and internet access during the month of April. I initially discussed it with our new Awards Chairman, Jerry Crocker and then brought it up at the board meeting. The board agreed.

I will not be present at the June 3rd meeting because it will be necessary for me to attend a PCOC board of directors meeting in Walnut Creek on that date. I wish I could be at the meeting with you for making the presentation, because I feel very strongly about the dedication, hard work and long hours they put in, to say nothing about the expenses involved during this nightmare. Thank you. loyal club members, who patiently put up with the frustrations in waiting for CIPCUG to be up and running again!