The President's Message

JUN 2012

Jim Brown

It is the month of June 2012, and I am sure we sometimes ask ourselves, "Where has the time gone?" Our year is half over, summer is here and we have reached the half-way point in my term as president of this fine computer club.

So this may be the proper time to consider how the club is doing: We are doing OK. I carry the concern about our membership -- are we meeting expectations, are we seeing growth, which may indicate that we can sustain ourselves? What can we do to gain exposure in the community? Should we expand our monthly Q&A’s to include tablets? How can we reach the younger generation? What interests does our membership have that we can explore and therefore increase interest and as a by-product further sustain our membership? Perhaps we should ask, "Who is our audience? Who are we talking to?" Don’t get me wrong -- we are still a very healthy organization, but we need to look about and consider the culture of who and what we are. I believe that establishing that mindset is key to any organization. Times and products change, and I believe we need to anticipate and be ahead of the curve and not play "catch up."

Having said all that, let me remind all of you of things I wrote in the past. Consider communicating with the board. Let us know your ideas, your interests, and hopefully your ability to volunteer for projects and programs that you or the board may be considering. I hope to share our ideas at the meetings and in this newsletter.

Last month’s program was a good one. The presenter had a very pleasant personality. I believe that those of us who attended received good information and enjoyment.

Finally I know you join the board in wishing Jessica Scott a speedy and complete recovery from her recent health crisis.

Happy computing!