The President's Message

June 2017

by Lisa Toth, President

Established 1987

This is my last, at least for a few years. My term is up June 30. Elections will be held at the June meeting to elect your new president. If you would like to be president or run for any of the offices, please let me or another board member know. So far, only one person has stepped up to run. That person is Dennis Biesman. He is a new member. He has past experience in other groups, and I think he will be a great president. (See more details about Dennis on page 8 — Editor) Please come on June 24 to participate.

I am not going to be at the June meeting. A very dear friend is turning 90, and I need to be at her party. Andy has been friends with the family for more than 30 years and I for more than 25. Can’t be at both places at the same time so I chose her. Andy will not be there either.

We need to do an audit of the books. We are hoping someone from the membership will step up and go through the books with Andy. It hasn’t been done for a long time. Please, if you can do this or know a non-member who would be willing to do it, contact Andy Toth.

I hear we need some suggestions for some programs. They don’t have to be strictly about computers, Maybe how computers are used in various fields. It has been suggested that maybe we should use some “canned” or pre-recorded presentations. In my mind, that would be a last resort. I really like the give and take of a live, on-stage presenter. So joggle your memory, and call Craig with some ideas.

I’ll say good bye now. I’m not leaving, I will still be an active member. I’ll see everyone in July. Have a wonderful summer.

    Lisa Toth

Happy computing!