The President's Message

June 2018

by Lisa Toth, Acting President

Established 1987

June is when we have elections, and the “new” board begins to serve our club. I say “new” because we haven’t actually had any “new” board members in several years now. Dennis Biesman served as president for a couple of months last year but had to step down due to health issues. We need other members of our fine organization to step up and participate. So even after we re-enthrone our present board, I will be asking for more help. We have a wonderful organization, an, unlike some groups, we do have a large group of volunteers.

We need some new members to participate in keeping this group running as smoothly as it has in the past. We need someone to learn how to operate the sound equipment, too. If you have an interest, please let me know. It would be nice to have a couple of people skilled in setting it up and keeping the sound alive.

May’s meeting presentation included a discussion about Microsoft’s naming of its spring and fall releases. I had asked a question on the Facebook page about it as I had missed that the Microsoft team was referring to releases as “Redstone 3 or 4” etc. I guess I was not the only one as there were some questions about that. Reports on the Q&A and the presentations can be found later in the newsletter.

Speaking of the newsletter, John Weigle would really like to publish some more articles from our members. If you have something to say about your journey through the digital universe and your electronics, please write about it and send it to John. I’m tempted to write about my mishaps in this area. A comedic review of my relationship with my beloved devices. Just the other day I was thinking about all the things I used to do before I became addicted to my devices.

I’ll see you on June 23. Hopefully Andy can hobble in. His hip replacement will have been on the 7th of June. We hear that people are up and around in no time after this surgery so we are hopeful.

    Lisa Toth

    Acting President