The President's Message

JULY 2000

George Lakes

It was nice to know in our absence that voting on our club Web Page before we left was a smart thing to do. There were another 35 members who did the same. This act allowed for our constitution and by-laws to be satisfied, as we needed 113 members for a quorum and had only 101 present at the June meeting. High tech works!

We welcome Craig Ladd as our new vice president. He is following in the footsteps of Nita Lang, who has done an exceptionally good job during this past year in procuring monthly programs for us. Craig, with his computer skills will find it easy buzzing around the Internet and contacting vendors via e-mail to set up monthly demonstrations.

Because Proposition 17 passed on the March 7 ballot, we can legally proceed with the raffle that was mentioned in last month’s TOE. You will recall reading in the TOE about selling tickets for $1 each or six for $5 to help defray the cost for software, which will be purchased and used as door prizes at our meetings. We will implement this beginning with our July meeting. Hopefully this will induce a better attendance in the future.

The executive committee notes this month mention the need of a volunteer to take over the membership. As John Godwin told the board, he did not know much about MS Access database but decided this would be one way to become proficient. So even if you haven’t used Access before, consider this as an opportunity to learn and help out the club at the same time.

For the record, having not been at the meeting, I missed the presentation of the Certificates of Appreciation. I would very much have liked to have had the privilege of presenting them myself because I have some very strong feelings regarding the efforts that were made by the people who received them. I would also like to thank Jerry Crocker for his capable design work in designing them in such short order. It is the plan to present each presenter in the future with a framed certificate of appreciation.