The President's Message

July 2003

Andy Toth

This COMMAND.COM is proving to be the most difficult. Two years have gone by so incredibly fast. CIPCUG has been an opportunity to meet and share information with many. Information flowed mostly my way. When I first became a member I viewed the PC as a very complicated almost incomprehensible machine. It seemed I could never get it to do what I wanted. Not much has changed there, but I "kinda" understand why. Every member of this club makes a contribution. I want to thank the membership for its trust and support.

CIPCUG has over 300 members. CIPCUG is the Board and Chair/Committee Heads. This is the first time I have ever accepted such a position. It could have been a difficult position, but the board members knew exactly how to handle every situation. The board members work together in a seamless manner. I wished the organization worked as smoothly in my work environment. I could not have asked for or imagined a more professional group to work with. They freely give their time to make this club a success. Please, take an opportunity and express your thanks to them.

David Harris will be the next president. He is not new to computer clubs. He has started a club in Northern California that grew to over 100 members. Upon joining the club a few years back, he immediately took an interest and attended a number of the board meetings. CIPCUG will benefit from his experience.

There are other volunteers whose time makes the meeting run smoothly. A lot of equipment is hauled and set up so we can have the Beginner's SIG, Q & A, coffee, and a new meeting site, The Boys & Girls Club in Camarillo, starting in September. Let them know you appreciate their efforts. Two words go a long way. Hey, you might even try volunteering yourself.

Pretty conspicuous is the absence of names above. I did this deliberately, as I would inevitably leave a name or two out. If you do not know who these persons are, read your TOE, check the F1 Help Key, read the articles and make a note of the authors. If you have not attended a meeting or SIG recently, make an effort to do so. We'd like to see you. CIPCUG is for each of us, and without your inputs it is difficult to guess at what needs to be done. I will continue in the position of Past President. I am planning on getting more involved with the SIG programs, the User Discount page, and assisting where I can.

I want to thank the nominating committee that encouraged me to accept the nomination. Being president of CIPCUG has been a very personally rewarding experience.