The President's Message

July 2007

Paul Westefer

As your club begins its new year, I hope we can truly make it your club. We have a very dedicated Executive Board of elected officials who all agreed to serve another term. We have appointed officials who also give freely of their time and do a great job. There are a variety of ways you can help these volunteers. Some ways require only a little of your time. Some may be as simple as making a visitor to the club feel welcome.

Contact any of the elected or appointed officials to learn how you can help. Another way you can help is with your suggestions. One of my duties in my first Los Angeles job was to administer the company suggestion system. I became a believer in the value of suggestions. I urge you to let us know what we are doing right or wrong, what we could do to improve your club. Put it in writing or tell us your ideas.

John Weigle and Lois Evans have noted, even when members are asked specific questions, there is little response. THE CLUB CANNOT PROVIDE YOU WITH WHAT YOU WANT IF IT DOESN'T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT.

As Lois reported previously, the computer clinic has been such a success that it will be held more frequently. A date has not yet been established for the next clinic but the date will be announced as soon as it is finalized. According to Ken Church the clinic has proved to be a good way of recruiting new members.

Update: Paul had no way of knowing that Rick Smith has decided when he can do the next clinic. It will be in August (his first meeting)   Editor