The President's Message

July 2018

by Lisa Toth for newly elected president Andy Toth

Established 1987

Well what do you know! Andy is now president, and I am treasurer. At least for the next year. So I will stop whining for now.

These are surreal times. I have stopped listening to the news except for traffic and weather unless something is going on locally. I can usually get all of that info on the internet so I don't even have to pay attention for that. The rhetoric has become so vile and scary I just can't stand it. Have we really become so barbaric and uncivil?

On another note, we are preparing at last to get Office 365. Backups of data are all that we need, I think. When I worked, I backed up my computer every day - sometimes twice if there was a software update or some other event. Now not so much. I often feel I don't have much on the computer. I am sure many people feel the same way. I promised not to whine, and here I am. Sorry. So anyway, to decide how to do it and get it done.

Andy is doing very well with his hip replacement now that he is on a different pain med for the nerves to his knees. Can he go back to work now, doctor? Oh he can't drive yet, OK. He's getting bored. I expected that would happen as he felt better. I hear Craig is improving well with his knee replacement, too. The things surgeons can do now. Today I read that a robotic surgeon is or will be doing some eye surgeries! Wow!

Have a good summer, and I'll see you next month with the treasurer's report.

    Lisa Toth (for Andy)

    Acting President