The President's Message

August 2002

Andy Toth

I would like to open this with a special thanks to Jim Thornton for his organization of the annual garage sale. It may not have been as large as previous ones, but it was a success. July is used for the garage sale as it falls around a major holiday, and attendance is usually lower. Everyone who requested a table, even those who called the night before and walked in, received one. Jim is our publicity coordinator. His deadlines are dictated by the radio stations and newspapers that publish our information as a public service announcement. Often, we do not even have a presenter lined up in time for Jim to notify these agencies, who would love 60 days advance notice. FYI: That advance notice is usually why the TV guide in the newspaper is often incorrect. As it is, there is no presenter lined up for August. Cancellations are also a problem. Jim perseveres and gets our message to the public. That message keeps us alive and thriving. Thank you, Jim. I am also thanking David Minkin. He prints the mailing labels for the TOE. July will be his last month. He has taken a position in northern California. David uses a special program to generate the postal-friendly labels. David, thanks again.

One of our advertisers, Ventura County Computers, had a table at the garage sale. Some members took advantage of some great pricing. I thank them for contributing to this event.

There is also a position open for an advertising coordinator. It involves working with the editor and treasurer, tracking the billings, and some beating of the bush.

The club is maintained and supported by volunteers. The club is looking for person to take over the labeling task. If you are interested, please contact me. Without volunteers there would be no club. Just think about volunteering. What would you do without this first Saturday of the month?

Presenters are becoming more difficult to get. Those we are finding are more on the technical side. Sorenson Squeeze is a very interesting and affordable product for the computer-savvy extended family. For about the monthly cost of a dial-up connection, audio-video information can easily be exchanged between family members. I enjoyed that presentation and wished that someone other than me in the family had a computer that was actually used.