The President's Message

August 2003

David Harris

This is my first message as CIPCUG president. I thank you for your confidence in electing me to serve our club. I have been past president of the Cambria Computer Club before relocating to Camarillo. I know what the job entails and look forward to continuing as successful as Andy was. Since I've been involved with the club, I've attended a few board meetings as well as the general meetings. I accepted the nomination for the presidency as I feel the computer community needs a club to learn, share ideas and fellowship and am confident that I can do the job.

I want to thank the board members for all their hard work. I do appreciate their staying on and continuing their good work.

Craig, our V.P., has somehow managed to come up with speakers that were interesting. Many times at a board meeting, he's mentioned he has no idea who the speaker will be the next month. Getting a speaker takes about the same amount of effort.

Speakers are getting very difficult to get as many of the vendors don't volunteer to visit clubs as they did in the past. I want to ask the cooperation of every member to please come up with an interesting idea for presenters. We will have an Internet connection at our new meeting location and hopefully we can have online presentations. The meeting speaker doesn't have to be a commercial vendor. If you have an interesting job or know of a friend who does, why not consider it as a main meeting topic?

The success of any club is the members. Members attend meetings to gain and share knowledge. I want to thank Toby for his interesting and informative Q & A sessions monthly.

I am always open to ideas and look forward to getting input from all the members. Let's work together to keep up the momentum of the past.