The President's Message


Lois Evans de Violini

Though David Harris has stepped down from the Presidency, he remains as a valued member of our Steering Committee. We all owe him thanks and gratitude for his leadership for the last two year. Many other people who helped make the last two years successful have remained to guide us.

These familiar faces include David Harris, the immediate Past-President and Publicity Chairman. His coaching is most helpful and welcome. Craig Ladd continues as Vice-President and Program Chairman. If you have visited another computer club and heard a good speaker or know of a good speaker, tell Craig about it. Secretary, Martha Churchyard, treasurer, Art Lewis, membership chairman, Ken Church, Tech Support, Toby Scott, Web Page Editor and ISP Secretary, Helen Long are among the old faces who remain as voting Board Members.

There are also familiar faces and long-time volunteers not on the steering ommittee doing important jobs for the user group. Our legal advisor, John Stanton protocol officer, George Lakes, marketing director, Ron Pinkerton, SIG leaders, Gracia Marks, Michael Shalkey, Toby Scott, and Bill Wayson. and our go-fer extraodinaire. Dick Otterson. Larry Hudson who helps with the SIGs. John Weigle, the editor of our newsletter, The Outer Edge.

I welcome the important new faces like Mike Nichols, SIG Coordinator, and Larry Hudson his helper.

These are exciting and sometimes exasperating times for PC users. Our machines are faster, cheaper, lighter, have more capacity, better programs, and hook to the internet at speeds that support voice, music and video. But along with these advances have come ad ware, spy ware and root kits. These threats, which didn't exist when I was first President of the group in 1989 & 1991, have replaced viruses as the biggest menace to our computers today. And we could certainly do without them now. But certain things remain the same, as user group leaders we still want to meet the needs of every member. Perhaps this is impossible, but we will only know if you let us, your steering committee, know what you need. Let us know what you want from the group, what you like and dislike about it. Remember, we exist to help each other.

Cell phones have become a necessity for everyone, but they are annoying and disruptive to participants in a group meeting. While the annoyance is not great, it would be polite if everyone would turn off their cell phones during the Q & A session and while our speakers have the floor. I know I've been guilty of forgetting mine and been embarrassed when it started ringing. Most annoying of all, is the receiver of the call answering the call and talking on it in the meeting room. If you do receive a call by mistake, leave the room and take your call outside where you will not continue the disturbance

See you at the meeting and bring a friend. Tell others about the Channel Islands PC User group and the great opportunity that awaits those who participate in this learning and helping experience.