The President's Message

August 2008

Paul Westefer

In addition to CIPCUG, Toby Scott, Rick Smith, John Weigle and a number of others belong to other clubs and organizations. Those of you who do should be aware of a number of changes in the Ventura County Star.

One change is that the Fast Forward pages about computers have been dropped. Information about computers now appears in the B section on Tuesdays under the title YourNews.

In June, I attended a meeting regarding YourNews for persons interested in placing notices on that page. Yesterday, I received an e-mail notice that "due to popular demand" another session was to take place on Aug. 5 at 6:30 p.m. at the Star offices at 55 Camarillo Center Drive in the same conference room where Michael Shalkey holds his meeting-day SIG.

Since this TOE will not reach you in time for that meeting, I would suggest that you contact or telephone 805-437-0296 and let her know that you are interested in attending a future meeting. If you need information in the immediate future, she can send you literature. If all else fails, you can contact me at - I kept extra copies.

The new concept is to have readers do the writing of Your News. I sent them a notice of our July meeting, and they printed it. One good thing is the deadline is only midnight of the Thursday before the Tuesday edition.

Speaking of clubs, I am also a member of the Ventura County Writers Club. It is beginning its annual Short Story Contest. The prizes are very good, $500 for first prize, $250 for second prize, and $125 for third prize. You don’t have to be a club member. Contact me for further information.

[After the meeting Paul attended, Julie Littman announced she was leaving The Star. Rebecca Whitnall ( is doing most of the YourNews work for the moment. YourNews material is primarily aimed at Web traffic at, with some of the material picked up for the print editions. - John Weigle]