The President's Message

Aug 2012

Jim Brown

It is true: "Time Marches On," and we are going to celebrate it. At our September regular meeting (Sept. 22, 2012), we will celebrate our computer club’s 26th birthday.

The planning for the celebration is ongoing, and we plan to have fun with a look to the past, reconnecting with longtime members, especially those who were instrumental in the establishment of this club, and honoring their dedication and sacrifices.

Following the meeting we plan to have a social lunch at the nearby Texas Cattle Company restaurant, which has a moderately priced ($10-$15) menu, which we all can afford. The planning committee does have a few requests for our membership- Please sign up for the luncheon. We just need to know how many people plan to attend (we encourage you to bring your significant other) so that we can give an approximate count to the restaurant. You can sign up at our August meeting or use the website to let us know your intention.

We also ask that if you have photos of the club (especially photos of the beginning years) you share them with us. Putting the photos on a disk would be great; however if you have individual photos we would like to display them and we promise to return the photos quickly.

Your help in these matters is greatly appreciated!!

As a reminder -- the club members post a lot of information on Facebook. We encourage you to log on.

So keep cool during the summer months and we will see you at our August meeting (Aug. 25, 2012).

Happy computing!