The President's Message

August 2017

by Dennis Biesman, President

Established 1987

I am Dennis Biesman, recently elected president. I am working on understanding items such as duties; what expectations are; areas you want changed as in less of/expansion of.

I am vastly unaware of all my complete duties as the last presidents did much as extra unwritten duties.

I want to work to surpass your expectations on my job performance to enhance the way the club works.

I have no agenda, so please share freely your ideas. If you feel, for example, we need to connect to bring younger users or those who use Macs and iPads let me know. If meetings are too long or not long enough, please share.

I apologize for missing the last meeting. It was due to a surgery.

I hope to communicate with each and any interested member.

I will attempt to meet, when possible, with all high school computer clubs in our catchment area to make a solid connection. If there are other groups that members would recommend, I will consider all.

If anyone has contacts with PC users who professionally use PCs in the audio, entertainment, and gaming area, please contact me.

I have grant-writing skills I would like to use to extend our outreach while increasing our coffers.

I taught many students of executives at Disney, Warner Bros., M.C.A. plus Metromedia years ago, but I have lost touch. Does anyone have more recent contacts of that sort?

Send messages to me at

    Dennis Biesman

Happy computing!