The President's Message

August 2018

by Andy Toth

Established 1987

Interim elections were held, and Lisa, acting president for the last year, was followed by Andy Toth, myself. My position as treasurer was backfilled by Lisa Toth. The remaining existing offices were unchanged.

CIPCUG was founded in 1987. The membership total has been declining since around 2002, during my last presidency. I justify that based on integration of computers into the schools, easily available information and continuous technological improvements. The fine details are available on the web. I believe too many people believe knowing the fine details is not that important. Someone else will look out for me. I do not need to do the research. No one bothers to read the EULAs. Toby and Michael are excellent at providing information on the fine details and providing guidelines to navigate by. This is part of the backbone of CIPCUG. I will reference my July 2002

The second part of the backbone are volunteers. That has also been declining. The two most time-consuming positions are technical director and editor. All the other board positions pale. I realize that many members belong to multiple clubs. Please consider volunteering. The hardest position to fill is the presidency, which is strange since it is the easiest. The hardest part of that position is writing this column each month.

One of the goals for this term I have set is to document the requirements of the various club positions and provide backup if required. Quick look at the Treasurer's position: All the information is on a dedicated treasurer’s computer with cloud backup of critical files. The duties will be defined this year with step-by-step procedures. Filing CIPCUG's IRS tax return takes about 5 minutes. Consider providing backup.

Look at the treasurer’s report in this month’s TOE. Our available cash is declining. The TOE has gone electronic saving about $200 a month. The monthly rent at the Boys & Girls Club is at least half of what it would be anywhere else.

There are challenges ahead, but none that cannot be overcome.