The President's Message

September 2001

Andy Toth

The October presentation has promised to be an interesting one. Jeff Levy will be a special guest speaker. This will be entertaining and informative. Many of you, I am sure, have listened to his Sunday morning show "Jeff Levy on Computers" on KFI, 640 on the AM dial. I do not know what he is planning to speak on. There should be an update on our Web site when we know, or there is nothing wrong with a surprise. For those not familiar with this radio personality, check his Web site out at . The Learn page contains all the show’s lessons to date. I particularly like the cleanness of the site. The board is hoping this will be a big event. Guests, as always, are welcome.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the October show. OOPS! This is a show supported the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum in Vista, Calif. I am no longer a member of the California Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Club. My wife, Lisa, was brought up the aisle on our wedding day on 1905 Fairbanks Morse 5 horsepower tractor. I did not have anyplace to park my Alice Chalmers WD45, with the over shift problem, after moving to Ventura.

I will start again. Ventura County Computers presented a proposition to hold a "Check Up, Tune Up, and Troubleshoot" event. This would be a first of this kind. The board accepted the proposition. Have a problem with your machine, bring it in? Want your machine tuned up, or drivers updated, or to solve the problem of the millennia? Members need only bring their CPU box unless they are having trouble with a peripheral -- in which case, bring that, too. It will be run like this: 1) The service will available to MEMBERS ONLY, 2) The cost will be $10, which will be split equally between CIPCUG and Ventura County Computers, 3) The operating system is limited to Microsoft Windows 4) Everyone who has a computer looked at will receive a $10 certificate good toward in-store service. Depending on the interest this may be done two to four times a year. The times are pending but will probably start with the Internet SIG at 8:45 a.m. and end promptly around 10:45. This should give everyone the opportunity to get settled for the Jeff Levy presentation. Although appointments are not foreseen, if you plan to bring your machine, please e-mail me,, so that it will be possible to estimate the technical staff required to make this an enjoyable experience.

The CIPCUG Web site will soon have a poll to see if enough interest can be generated for a New Horizons class. New Horizons is a commercial Computer Learning Center. A very wide array of topics is covered. We are trying to settle on one class of 24 persons. The cost of this class will be $65 per person. This is a substantial discount from the standard price. The actual class will probably take place mid-October to mid-November. Watch the Web site for details.

But wait, the good news does not stop there. The December meeting has a home, Ventura Hall, on Airport Way. More details will follow. The site has a high-speed Internet connection, and the board is working on ways to take advantage of it.

Now for the not so exciting things. Volunteers are still needed. The librarian position is still open. Looking for one more hauler, which would make a total of three to share the responsibility. The coffee and doughnuts responsibility is still open. Laura, Craig, and I did it for the August meeting. The September meeting will be staffed by two persons, Tammy and Krista, seeing if they are interested. As is usual make them feel welcome.

Looking forward to seeing you in September. Flag me down and say Hi!