The President's Message

September 2013

by Sandy Tsutsui-Trujillo, President

Established 1987

"Promoting the Harmony of Computer Education, and Camaraderie"

I would like to thank Toby for another outstanding presentation. We’re extremely lucky to have him.

Recently I saw a news article on Identity Thief. I decided to share some information. We were one of those people that didn’t check their credit report annually when the pubic notifications started saying we should run a credit check annually. When we realized what had happened, we consulted a lawyer. He honest and explained if we paid him it would be over $5,000. I think currently, credit checks are recommended twice a year.

After the mess above was cleaned up, we searched for proper insurance coverage. We asked the critical question: “What will you do if our identity is stolen?” The cheapest policies would provide us with the information to write to. Our homeowner’s insurance started offered Identity Thief coverage for over $100. They subcontract to company that just deals with identity thief and credit issues. We immediately sign up and we were hit 3 times that year and a couple times since. The company had a current credit report sent to us and we went over it line by line with them. After the issues were identified, we sign authorization for them to represent us in the issues and they corrected it.

The worst one: Experian notified me by mail that my Social Security Number was incorrect and they notified the other credit agencies. Experian’s automatic phone system requires your Social Security Number, Experian didn’t recognize mine and I didn’t have the incorrect one from Experian. I contacted my insurance company and they investigated it. Experian had my name misspelled and my Social Security Number incorrect. Fortunately the other credit reporting agencies realized Experian was incorrect. The insurance company told me they had difficulty correcting Experian’s records but they were able to do it. I’m a strong advocate of Identity Thief insurance.

As we find computer issues, we’ll be posting them on CIPCUG Facebook page. Here they are:

Seemingly benign “Jekyll” app passes Apple review, then becomes “evil". Jekyll

The Making of Facebook’s Graph Search

Baby Monitor Hacker Houston Texas

Cyber Vulnerability

Cyber Vulnerability

This article is just interesting and not a security issue: Google Glass – monitor pupil

I apologize in advanced I will miss the September 28th meeting. I have a prior commitment. I strongly recommend Bart’s tablet presentation and wish I could attend.

Happy computing!