The President's Message

September 2017

by Dennis Biesman, President

Established 1987

In this missive, I personally welcome all visitors, whether here as guests online, or in person at the start of a meeting. Printed copies of this can be available for guests but are limited in number.

Do bring in your technical questions as we have an extremely thorough and competent technical Q&A section. They seem ready for anything thrown to them. I witnessed such strengths in our tech support as well as our membership at the August meeting. There were problems with the large onstage screen. Within minutes, there were five solutions and many people willing to fix it. The techies sure got it fixed fast with duct tape. It was a dangerous task, but they worked on as if it was no big deal. They had to do much on tall ladders. Thanks so much for fixing it all.

I am currently working on my visiting local high school computer clubs as well as meetings with friends on the staff at the County Education Services. I already have one volunteer set up for such visits. Does anyone have knowledge of anyone from our local university I should meet? I know only one instructor there.

I use my laptops, desk PC, tablets, smart phone and iPad for editing music and photos. If there are others with similar interests, please let me know. I record, edit and multitrack music. In photos I edit and make simple videos but would like to go further in that area. I would like to get the knowledge needed to assist in this paper and the podcasts.

If anyone knows of a conference etc. that I or others on the board should be aware of, please forward the info. If there are members who have knowledge of AI and driverless cars, please do share the info.

Send messages to me at

    Dennis Biesman

Happy computing!