The President's Message

September 2018

by Andy Toth

Established 1987

Those of you who attended the August meeting may have noticed that all the doughnuts were sold. For the last several months there have been several doughnuts unsold and used as a raffle prize. This month, the purchased quantity was decreased by a dozen. That seems to be the correct formula until attendance increases. We will continue with this amount. If I receive responses requesting more doughnuts, we'll return to the three dozen level. The cost of the donuts is $10/dozen.

Toby presented various online options for backup. His preferred is OneDrive, but he did not discard Google One, Dropbox and Carbonite. Each has its particular strengths and weaknesses. It’s time for me to take a serious look at cloud storage. For some strange reason, I have a knack for encountering a novel set of issues when trying to do the simplest things with a computer.

This is a computer user group club with members helping members. TOE contains quite a few articles written by members of other clubs available for publishing. There is nothing wrong with that. They are quality articles. Please consider writing an article about your experiences working with OneDrive or a particular piece of software you prefer to use or a solution you came across. There are a lot of questions on email. Why not write a short article on the issue you encountered and the solution or non-solution. I asked a question on Cortana. I must have sorted through 25 articles on the web. Not a single one addressed right clicking the taskbar and accessing the Cortana properties that way. You would be surprised at how many dialog boxes have Cortana in them.

    President CIPCUG