The President's Message

October 2002

Andy Toth

Visit the CIPCUG Web site. A new link has been added. No longer will you have to wait for a particular vendor presentation to receive the group discount. Check it out. If you are looking for it and it looks good, GO FOR IT. More will be added as I get replies from vendors. Anybody want to help?

I need to make some corrections to statements made in the last CIPCUG has routinely had representatives at USER GROUP CONFERENCES. I was not aware of this due to my newness with CIPCUG. These are useful and beneficial events. I hope members are willing to attend in the future.

The Board discussed and agreed to assemble a CD for the membership. The intent of the CD is to include software of use to the general membership, i.e. updates and patches to various OS’s, as applicable, utility routines like Ad-Aware and Zone Alarm, SIG Topics: Open Office, Star Office, and Irfanview, and Toby’s favorite freeware (I’ll sneak some of my stuff in there). Most of our members are still on 56K dialups and downloading just takes too much time before it aborts. Send me suggestions. There are a lot of megabytes on a CD. This is also a fund-raiser for the club. The price will be similar to the APCUG CD, $5. This CD will be tailored to the needs of the members.

A new edition of the "Secret Guide To Computers" is available and our order is being placed. This book contains everything you wanted to know, plus what you need to know. This book itself is worth about a year of SIGs. At $10 it is a steal. Great Christmas presents. Teach the kids some new tricks.

The last topic will be the "F1 -- Your Help Key." Take a look at the categories. If you can offer assistance send me an e-mail. Remember, most questions are of a beginning nature. Most of the more complicated can usually be solved by a discussion. The most advanced questions hardly ever get answered. Those of you who belong to the CIPCUG Internet Service need to contact those on the list. CIPCUG derives the profits and thus needs to provide the support. Those people have access to a second level of support, namely Toby and Rick. Remember, this club was built on members helping members. That needs to be reasserted. I am investigating setting up a training session for both CIPCUG Internet Service and Hardware and OS issues. If you are interested please contact me .