The President's Message


David Harris

Consignment table at general meetings

At last month's board meeting, it was agreed that since we will no longer have our annual garage sale we would have a consignment table at each meeting. This will allow members to bring in software and hardware to sell at the meetings, with the club receiving 10 percent of the sales price. The table will be set up at our October meeting, and we invite you to participate with any items you choose to display.

The following are the rules.

  • 1. The consignment table is for members only. Only current members can place items for sale, but non-members are welcome to purchase items from the table.
  • 2. The consignment table operates on a 90/10 percent basis; with the owner getting 90 percent, and the Club treasury 10 percent.
  • 3. A tag must be filled out and placed on each item (available at the table) It must contain seller's name, CIPCUG membership number, item name, a short description and selling price.
  • 4. The consignment sheet must also be filled out with the seller's name, a description of each item and the selling price.
  • 5. The buyer fills in his name and phone number and settles with seller.
  • 6. The seller must turn in the tag with the 10 percent after the sale is complete.
  • 7. Sold items MUST be picked up at the end of the day's meeting.
  • 8. Any items not picked up will become the property of CIPCUG and will be subject to disposal at the club's discretion.
  • 9. CIPCUG IS NOT RESPONSIBLE any way for items bought and/or sold at the Consignment Table.

Each item is placed and sold on an AS-IS BASIS unless otherwise stated.

This is a great place to get some money for your surplus computer items, and help your club at the same time. We look forward to successful sales monthly.