The President's Message

October 2012

by Jim Brown, President

"Promoting the Harmony of Computer Education, and Camaraderie"

G reetings to all of you. Last month we celebrated our computer group’s 25th anniversary with an entertaining program, a morning filled with camaraderie and entertainment. For those who missed this event, you missed something that may not happen again for quite a while.

This event was successful as a result of the efforts of many people who realized that this was the time to honor the individuals who were there in the beginning of this organization. This was the time to relearn our computer group’s history and get it right while everyone was still here. This was the time to re-energize ourselves with purpose, to re-evaluate our programs. This event could serve to entertain, and to act as a learning experience. So the question might be asked, "What are we supposed to learn from this?"

Here is what I think we might learn: This process started in earnest two months ago. At that time there were some who expressed some resistance and concern. This was based on prior experiences with innovation. We had to learn to think big, think out of the box so to speak, and have an image of what we wanted. Visualization and intention are key components of any enterprise. Then, relying on faith to combat some of the lingering doubts expressed at meetings, we remained on course. With these principles in place, members and board members came forth with information to help us get things right and contributed to the overall success of this event.

think also that we need to relook at the key components of our regular meetings. Members have spoken to me with suggestions regarding topics, teaching classes, the raffles, and special events. The board will discuss these topics in the next few months.

Success can be determined by many factors -- financial, entertainment, attendance at this event, participation by our members in the luncheon, donation of raffle prizes, and the purchase of raffle tickets, which, by the way, paid for this event. I, however, gauge the success of this event not only on the above markers but on the camaraderie and participation of all connected with this event. To hear the laughter of the audience, to see the joy and smiles and glow of the faces of those receiving certificates honoring their dedication to this computer group made all this successful. A lasting image is when we were leaving the luncheon about 1:30 p.m. there were members talking and laughing and enjoying themselves.

I would be remiss if I did not thank all of you who put so much effort in this enterprise, but I will not mention anyone by name. I have thanked everyone personally. I want, however, to publicly thank everyone for their hard work, to those who donated items for the raffle, to those who purchased raffle tickets and luncheon tickets, and to everyone who attended, for without you the joy, and friendship would not have added to the success of this event. I also want to again thank the wife of one of our board members who vacuumed the entire room on Friday night. That was a gift I will always remember.

I consider myself to be very fortunate to have been a part of this celebration.

Remember that the October meeting (Oct. 27) will also feature our tech advisers giving an introduction to the new Windows operating system -- Windows 8.

Consider bringing a guest -- a club brochure will be available.

Looking forward to see all of you on October 27th

Happy computing!