The President's Message

October 2017

by Dennis Biesman, President

Established 1987

I am in the Midwest visiting with my mother while the former president, Lisa Toth, is covering in my stead. Thanks to her for offering this and all others doing what needs be done for the club in my absence.

My mother, now 90, has developed congested heart failure and developed fluid in her lungs. She remains in independent living actually much better than I am.

To hold my own, I am having daily physical therapy in the huge therapy pool and various gyms in the independent living place. My goal is to be back without a cane and any braces.

We have been receiving lots of software offers to my expertise is using PCs for multitracking and sound editing. I have had to rely on our tech support, Toby Scott, to make recommendations on online training, PC cleaning software and handy gadgets to attach to PCs.

Send messages to me at

    Dennis Biesman

    Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Happy computing!