The President's Message

November 2018

by Andy Toth

Established 1987

Welcome to another issue of TOE. Just a reminder November's meeting will be on the third Saturday, 11/17, and December's meeting on the third Saturday, 12/15.

Today I'm baking nut, poppy seed, lekvar and apricot rolls. I know a few of the members of this club are familiar with these traditional deserts for the holidays. It brings back fond memories of the time I spent with my mother when she was teaching me to bake these deserts. I would also like to point out that we have lost members in the recent years. We all have fond memories of them, and this may just be a good time to reflect on them and our departed loved ones as we enter the festive holidays.

I am going to raise the request for volunteers. This can be very simple. I appreciate all the help taking down the chairs and tables at the meeting's end. The house is starting to have the fragrance of baked goods. Anything you can do, regardless of how small, will help.

I have a current project involving an ASUS Transformer computer. The screen is cracked, and the touch screen no longer functions, but the mouse interaction works and so does the keyboard. The key pad only has left click. I have to rely on external input. It has one USB 2.0, one micro HDMI, one micro USB 2.0 used for charging, and one USB C. Excuse the interruption, I had to rotate the first baking dish of rolls. The Transformer was a tablet that interfaced to a keyboard. It has 64GB of internal drive space and a slot for an additional microSD card, which I stuffed with 128GB. There are readily available USB hubs for the I/O. The original owner failed to call while it was under warranty. The computer crashed every 30 minutes with the dialog "Oops something went wrong, Rebooting." Sort of annoying. I installed a generic Win 10 Home downloaded from the web. I had to install a few specific drivers, which were available on the web. I discovered I only get the "OOPS" error if I leave a dialog box open for an extended period. Why would I want to do such a thing? I'm going to get Office 365 (someday) and this will be one of the devices, when I figure out if OneDrive behaves the way I want it to. Time to remove the first baking dish and insert the second. I'll let you know how the Transformer turns out.