The President's Message

December 2013

by Sandy Tsutsui-Trujillo, President

Established 1987

"Promoting the Harmony of Computer Education, and Camaraderie"

p>I want to express my appreciation to Michael Shalkey for his outstanding presentation and for the wonderful timing. The information came in handy at work.

I arrived at work on Monday morning to see a Cyber Alert from our Information Assurance Manager (IAM) on the passwords stole from Adobe. I replied, “According to Michael Shalkey of, you can check if your Adobe Account has been compromised at AdobeAccountComprimised.” He thanked me and distributed Michael’s information to our community.

Tuesday I had lunch with a couple of retired friends. Both retired from computer related jobs. We discussed the Adobe hacked, the popularity of Adobe Photoshop and randsomware. They asked me to share the information from Michael.

Wednesday I participated in a IA Networking WIPT (Working Integrated Product Team) phone conference where Adobe and CryptoLocker were two of the many subjects discussed. I’d send the chairman the same message above on Monday. Several of the people were confirming sources they used to check their passwords. Adobe users that were impacted should have received a letter requesting they change their password but not everyone received it. (As Michael stated this is a big risk to people that recycle their passwords.) CryptoLocker was a subject form a previous meeting and we didn’t have an in-depth discussion on it.

Thursday morning, someone requested information on CryptoLocker and submitted a request if anyone in our IT Support group was aware of it. I replied, “Michael Shalkey of CIPCUG recommends free CryptoPrevent from to prevent infection by the CryptoLocker malware or 'ransomware'. Michael was he speaker at last Saturday's CIPCUG meeting. According to him, this is a Microsoft Windows only issue for now and it just a matter of time for other platforms to be hit. He strongly recommends if you're going to view an enclosure, copy it to your hard drive and manually scan it than open it.”

Thursday afternoon I received another request for the information on CryptoLocker and I sent them the CryptoPrevent information above.

Thank you for the information Michael. This has been the best timing of a presentation.

Happy computing!