The President's Message

December 2017

by Lisa Toth, Acting President

Established 1987

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. By the time you read this. it will be approaching Christmas. I hope you are having a great holiday season.

November's meeting was small. Maybe some members forgot about November and December meetings being on the third Saturday. December's meeting will be on the 16th.

I thought I made at least one note during the meeting last month so I would have something to talk about. I can't find it, but I did find a note about an article on the PBS website explaining the evolution of money. I think that must have been it because as I am writing this I do remember that the program was about e-money like bitcoins and 1,000 or more other e money sites!

Michael talked about the evolution of money followed by Toby telling us about the industry of e-money. Personally, I think I will stay away from e money. I used to try new things a lot; now I just don't want to take the time to learn.

I got a new phone a week or so ago. It is an LG K20. I had asked on the radio show about that brand and model. Jessica knows a lot about the LGs and answered my question with a lot of info. Bottom line it is a good choice for me. Only problem is the learning curve. It's not as much fun as it used to be. Am I alone in this? I can learn, I do learn, but I just want to turn it on and have it work the way I want it to. I should call Jess and have her set it up for me. LOL.

About six months ago. I got a Cricut cutting machine. I want to make paper hexagons to use for making hexagon-style quilts. I haven't learned how to do that either. I'm still figuring out my Asus two-in-one. I'm not happy about this new attitude. LOL

Enough about me and my labors. I feel we live in a magical time. Babies and children born in the last 30 or 40 years will not know what it is like not to have a computer, a phone in your pocket that is basically a computer and all the other wonders we have created in the last few decades. I remember being about 8 and daydreaming about what the future would bring. I had no idea.

    'til the 16th

    Lisa Toth

    Acting President

Happy computing!