The President's Message

December 2018

by Andy Toth

Established 1987

The meeting in December will be held on the THIRD Saturday, Dec. 15.

Last month's presentation by Michael Shalkey addressed Microsoft Update 1809. There were some issues with the roll out and it was withdrawn. But it is back. My computer is currently running Update 1803, but I am sure it will catch up with me. My take away from the presentation was all the individual updates included. I thought that updates mostly addressed security issues. This update contains quite a bit of additional functionality implementation. I will probably not take advantage of them, but there are users who will find them useful. There must be a reason for the functionality increase. I do not see Microsoft implementing features without needs from a majority of users. Every new feature could be a vulnerability in the future. There is also the law of unintended consequences that keeps on biting.

Just a bit more about my recovery of a broken Asus Transformer. When USB-C connector was first marketed, I thought "Oh! just more confusion." I am now beginning to really appreciate it. For $20-$40, a powered hub USB-C to USB 3.0, ethernet, HDMI, VGA can be purchased. That One USB-C port is equivalent to four ports on a 5-year-old laptop. This interface completes the interface overrides. But there is something else to be aware of. There is sometimes an interaction between a dongle plugged into a USB 2.0 and another plugged into a USB 3.0. Dongles for keyboards, mice, headsets intended for USB 2.0, should use USB 2.0. Again, you could be more fortunate than I. The Transformer is turning out to be a decent machine for travelling. Although, a flash drive with Portable Apps can be most useful. Also, applications that do not use the registry can be installed and run from the flash drive. NoteTab Pro is such a program.

A message just appeared on my monitor in the lower right corner. Battery power low, pausing OneDrive syncing to save energy. I never really gave much thought to the communication between synced files and drives. The message also appeared before the battery warning was triggered on the computer. So with that note, I will power myself down.

Happy Holidays to All,