• Members receive an electronic copy of The Outer Edge, the monthly 20 page newsletter that includes reviews of software and hardware, news of the computer world, synopsis of Q & A of the preceding month, and other useful information.
  • Our monthly meeting includes a 45 minute general Q & A which is written up in our TOE Newsletter. This is a particularly informative session and provides live demos where possible and is an invaluable source of information.
  • No cost training sessions in various programs are also available to CIPCUG members. These include: Windows 7, 8 and 10 and various software and communications programs.
  • CIPCUG distributes 32GB Flash Drive periodically with a multitude of Freeware Programs that club members have tested. These are available with approximately 28GB free space at $25 to the club members.
  • The Flash drive also comes with Portable Aps which makes the Flash Drive take the place of your computer when you are traveling. Just plug it into any MS computer and work away with your own files and aps. A real life saver for people doing Genealogy and traveling to the Mecca of the Genealogy World - Salt Lake City.
  • We also have an early bird session, starting about 8:45, where we work on network and Internet issues.