CIPCUG Podcasts

We have started a partnership with Mercury Broadcasting to host our podcasts. Tech Guru Toby Scott along with his side-kick, daughter Jes (AKA "The Coffee Princess"), answer your questions once a week. The podcasts go up every Tuesday at 7 AM but can be listened to any time after. We try to keep an up-to-date list of them here. Be aware that this is "radio," not "TV."

To ask a question, log onto the CIPCUG Facebook page (you have to be a member of facebook) and post away. We try to answer all the questions during the week. Normally, we record Sunday afternoon so we can edit on Monday to post Tuesday at 7 AM. If your question is posted before Saturday, there is an excellent chance it will be answered the following Tuesday. Stay tuned.

If you don't wish to join Facebook, you can post questions using the Comment or Corrections link at the bottom of every page on this website. The actual podcasts are on Mercury Broadcasting's site and there are links below to all the programs -- no Facebook account required.

Recent Podcasts

Just click on the date, read the description of the contents of the podcast and toward the bottom click on the triangle to start the podcast by clicking on the triangle as pictured below (this picture goes nowhere, but on the podcast pages it will).

Picture of Podcast player

If you aren't a member of Facebook and are worried about security (as you should be), take a look at Toby's Powerpoint notes from the June 2016 meeting where he showed how to create a safe Facebook account.


Jerry Crocker takes photos (and occasionally videos) of our meetings and puts them up on his page. Some of what is there has nothing to do with CIPCUG, but a lot of them do. He tags them nicely so it is easy to find what you want. Take a look.