Our regular meetings are generally held the fourth Saturday of the month at Camarillo Boys and Girls Club, however; there are exceptions to the rule. Therefore the meeting dates are listed just below this message for the next four months. The address is 1500 Temple Avenue (northeast corner of Ponderosa Dr. and Temple Ave., Camarillo, California. The meetings are from 9:30AM to Noon, however we do have 2 early morning SIG's (Special Interest Groups) between 8:45 AM and 9:30. One is on the Internet and one is for the beginner to intermediate level computer user. directions to CIPCUG meeting location.

APR 22, 20174th Saturday
MAY 27, 20174th Saturday
JUN 24, 20174th Saturday
JUL 22, 20174th Saturday

April 2017 Program

To Be Determined

*** If Craig Ladd comes up with an outside program OK, otherwise Toby and Michael will figure something out. ***


  • JAN "Windows 10, Your Way" by Toby Scott PDF of the program.
  • FEB "Online Safety" by Michael Shalkey
  • MAR “Tips for Staying Safe Online and Preventing Identity Theft" by Bob Gostischa. Program Notes and Bob's Blog


  • JAN "The Art Of Computer Backup" by Elliott Stern, Computer Counselor
  • FEB "OneNote" by Toby Scott
  • MAR "Technology From A Different Perspective" by Bob Gostischay
  • APR "Accessibility Tools Help People With Disabilities" by Patrice Wheeler
  • MAY "The Joys (and Shortcuts) of Computer Editing Photographs!" by Bob Crum
  • JUN "How to Use Facebook Safely" by Toby Scott: (See his Powerpoint notes)
  • JUL "Here's How To Create Essential Backups" by Michael Shalkey
  • AUG "11 Common Internet Scams and How to Avoid Them" by Toby Scott and Michael Shalkey
  • SEP "Yahoo Hack and What You Need to Know (see PDF from program)" by Toby Scott and Michael Shalkey
  • OCT "Windows 10 Updates and Changes" by Michael Shalkey
  • NOV "LibreOffice" by Orv Beach
  • DEC "Router Security and the Internet of Things (IoT)" Michael Shalkey


    JAN "Windows 10, Browser Malware Discussed" by Toby Scott and Michael Shalkey
  • FEB "Burning Cd/DVD's" by Bart Koslow
  • MAR "e-books" by Bart Koslow
  • APR "Is This On" by Abbey Stokes
  • MAY "ONE NOTE: A computerized Memory" by Toby Scott
  • JUN "Cutting The Cord" by Toby Scott and Michael Shalkey
  • JUL "Windows 10" by Toby Scott and Michael Shalkey
  • AUG "Calibre: Organize/reformat your E-Books" By Bart Koslow
  • SEP "Cybersecurity" by Special Agent Michael Sohn
  • OCT "Acronis Image Backups" by Gene Barlow
  • NOV "Earthquake Preparedness" by Margaret Vinci, from The Seismology Lab
  • DEC "Calibre: Organize/reformat your E-Books" By Bart Koslow


  • JAN 26 Ventura County Grand Jury Presentation
  • FEB 16 "OneDrive" by Toby Scott
  • MAR 23 "What To Do With XP Machines" by Toby Scott and Michael Shalkey
  • APR 27 "Heartbleed" by Toby Scott
  • MAY 25 "Free programs: Remove Junk, Protection from Viruses and Alternate Office Suites" by Bob Gostischa
  • JUN 23 "Surface Pro 3 and Microsoft Retail Storetore" by Mazen El Ghadban
  • JUL 28 "Image and Cloud Backups" by Michael Shalkey and Toby Scott
  • AUG 23 "Installing Linux" by Orv Beach
  • SEP 28 "Discussion: Information You Need" by Toby Scott and Michael Shalkey
  • OCT 26 "CamAcc, An app that helps the blind and visually impaired take pictures with Android devices" by CSUN Students
  • NOV 16 "Broad Range or Current Topics" by Michael Shalkey
  • DEC 20 "The Barefoot Genealogist" Crista Cowan of


  • JAN 26 CIPCUG Flash Drive by Toby Scott and Michael Shalkey
  • FEB 16 CIPCUG Flash Drive Part 2 Toby Scott
  • MAR 23 "Organize and Protect Your Hard Drive” by Gene Barlow
  • APR 27 "Virtualization Software & Its Application" by Hank Wright
  • MAY 25 "Digital Photography - The Bones" by Dan Holmes
  • JUN 23 "Growth in Digital Terrorism and Hate" by Rick Eaton
  • JUL 28 "In the Clouds" by Toby Scott
  • AUG 24 "In the Clouds (Part II)" by Toby Scott
  • SEP 28 "Discussion and Comparison of Tablets" by Bart Koslow
  • OCT 26 "In the Clouds (Part III)" by Toby Scott
  • NOV 16 "CryptoLocker Virus Explained" by Michael Shalkey
  • DEC 21 "Health Care not Obama Care" by Dr. Gary Sexton

  • 2012 PROGRAMS

    • JAN 28 Webinar by Gene Barlow: Acronis products let you partition, back up
    • FEB 25 Toby and Michael present Spam, Internet cameras, VMware and DOSBox
    • MAR 24 Toby and Michael present a Showdown: Google Docs vs. Windows Live Docs
    • APR 28 Protecting yourself and your identity online by Bob Gostischa
    • MAY 25 'Is This thing On' by Abbey Stokes
    • JUN 23 The Deep Web by Craig Brainard
    • JUL 28 Toby and Michael present a Preview of Office 2013: The Office for all your Windows 8 devices
    • AUG 25 Comodo Desktop Security by David Perry, Director of Education, Comodo Group, Inc
    • SEP 24 25th Anniverary Celebration: Be There
    • OCT 27 Windows 8 -Part 1 by Toby Scott and Michael Shalkey
    • NOV 17 Windows 8 -Part 2 by Toby Scott and Michael Shalkey
    • DEC 15 Archival Media Kit by Julie Hanson Vinpower

    2011 PROGRAMS

    • FEB 26 PremierOne (Motorola's Software used by VTA Police
    • MAR 24
    • APR 23 Toby and Michael discussed Amazon Cloud Crash, incursion into the music business, PDF files, and future computing, plus additional Q and A.
    • May 21 TOPAZ LABS Ivan Randal
    • June 25 Digital Resources at Channel Islands California State University.
    • Aug 27 LIBRAOFFICE,"Open Source" Office Suite by Orv Beach
    • Sep 24 Rapid Storage Technology by Rick Smith and Michael Shalkey
    • Oct 22 Windows Live Mesh by Toby Scott and Michael Shalkey
    • Nov 19 TOPAZ LABS Ivan Randal
    • Dec 17 Notebooks presentation by Staples.

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