Toby's topic this Saturday is Web Computer Threats & the workshop is Other Word Capabilities. Next month the workshop will continue with the same topic and the 11:00 speaker will be Michelle Rogers on Facebook Basics.

Previous presenters and workshops:

March 11, 2017 presenter is Laurie Dunning informing us on Ventura Library's e-library

March Workshop will conclude learning about making greeting cards.

Previous presenters and workshops:

January 14, 2017 and February 11, 2017 presenter was Michael Shalkey who will gave us some Gmail tips and tricks also introduced us to many of the other Google products we might not know about..

January and February workshop - make your own greeting cards with Microsoft Word

November Workshop: With Christmas coming, the lesson included a mailmerge review, making single-fold cards, and tri-fold letters with pictures.

October speaker Michelle Rogers from our newspaper the Ventura County Star. Her program was on excessing the newspaper online.

October Workshop Creating stationary using Word Art in Microsoft Word

Our September speaker, Bob Crum, doesn't care for Microsoft's Outlook email program, as he said pictures canít be put into the body of an email. He loves Thunderbird for this reason and other features, such as being able to make the page background gray instead of a glaring white. He suggested having different email programs for differ-ent reasons and has five. Half of the group indicated they have at least two. Do not have the

September Workshop Powerpoint


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