Podcast 350

  • News Item: Amazon Is in Talks To Offer Free Mobile Service To US Prime Members
  • News Item: These great apps don't spy or clog your phone.
  • News Item: iOS and Android now support digital IDs
  • News Item: Apple Customers Say It's Hard To Get Money Out of Goldman Sachs Savings Accounts
  • News Item: Getty asks London court to stop UK sales of Stability AI system
  • News Item: End of support for Cortana in Windows
  • News Item: US judge orders lawyers to sign AI pledge, warning chatbots 'make stuff up'
  • News Item: ChatGPT took their jobs. Now they walk dogs and fix air conditioners.
  • News Item: Meta will test blocking news on Instagram, Facebook for some Canadians
  • News Item: YouTube will stop removing false presidential election fraud claims

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