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Because of the coronavirus, the Boy's and Girls Club is closed for all activities, which includes us. We are holding meetings online, as virtual meetings and will communicate through email. If you haven't already please subscribe to our email list so you can be apprised of our virtual meetings.

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The New TOE

For the duration of the lockdown there will be no printed TOE. After a delay in order to get our act together, we have begun to post copies of our meetings on our Facebook page..

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By far the most popular activity for CIPCUG members over the years has been our Q&A sessions. These have been replaced by videos on YouTube, but continue with Q&A. We have added to this by having a podcast where we continue to answer Q&A questions from members. Post a questions on the CIPCUG Facebook page or email it to tech@ name-of-club (sorry to make it obscure, but if I didn't every spammer in the world would be my new best friend) and we'll answer it the following Tuesday -- or sometimes via a reply post or email within minutes. We need more participation among members, so ask away.

The Channel Islands PC Users Group (CIPCUG) was founded on the principal of users helping users. Have a computer problem stumping you? Bring it up at the Q & A session (held at every meeting) and you will probably find another user who stumbled over the same problem and figured out a solution. We have members whose experience runs all the way from absolute beginner to professional experts. You will be able to connect with other users whose experience level and interests match yours. Networking with peers is the best way to grow.

Facebook & Podcast News

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Our Mercury Broadcasting podcasts are available. Just click on the link. We have created a separate Podcast Page for links to all the podcasts, news and help as well as a guide for creating a safe Facebook page so you can ask questions on the CIPCUG Facebook page. This is a great opportunity to help build our club. Show friends and relatives our CIPCUG Facebook page and the Podcast page on our website.

Our regular schedule is being contineue, even with the coronavirus.

  • Now Zoom Meetings

  • Online
  • Dates

  • 4th Saturday of the month - 10 months
  • 3rd Saturday for November and December
  • Times

  • Interest Group Meetings: from 8:45 AM to 9:30
  • Business Meeting: 9:30 - 9:45
  • Q & A: 9:45 to 11
  • Program: 11 - Noon

We are also experimenting with an every Tuesday hour-long Zoom program, starting at 7 PM. Join us.


CIPCUG is a member of APCUG, an International Association of Technology & Computer Users Groups. APCUG provides excellent articles for our newsletter, helps find programs, conducts webinars you can "attend" from the comfort of your own home (see past webinars on YouTube) and provides excellent support for user groups in the conduct of their business.


Sign up for the CIPCUG Google Group and Calendar.

Focal Press User Group Discounts

One of the best computer book sources, they offer a 25% discount with discount code of FOC25. Stop by their store to take advantage. Don't forget the discount code.

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Next Meeting Dates

For the duration of the COVAD-19 we will be meeting online via Zoom. Sign up for notifications on the left so you get the address and password. For security reasons (hackers are Zoom-bombing sessions) you will need a password and the mail notification is the only way of notifying you.

CIPCUG on Facebook

Log into the Facebook CIPCUG page. If it's your first time, you'll be prompted to join. Do so. You should be approved in under an hour. We keep the bad guys out this way. Once you are in, keep reading posts and reply to those you find interesting. Post questions, which will we will try to answer on our new podcast (online radio) hosted on Mercury Broadcasting. Be sure to tune in on Tuesday mornings to hear the latest. We have a once a week schedule on Tuesdays at 8 AM (hopefully). You can listen any time after. Notices will be up on Facebook as well as the Mercury Broadcasting pages and, of course, our own Podcast page.

(learn how to setup a safe Facebook account here)

Can't Find Something?

Try our search engine. Just type whatever you are looking for into the box and Search.

apcug newsletter award
apcug website award

Our newsletter and web page have won first place awards from APCUG, demonstrating our committment to provide you with the best user group experience possible.

Need Help?

American Graphics Institute (AGI)

American Graphics Institute and their classroom series at The Digital Classroom is as good as it gets. They offer books, lesson files and video tutorials to get you up to speed on a ton of subjects.

Major Publisher Offer

No Starch

No Starch offers the finest in geek entertainment. They have tons of educational books and tools for anyone to learn how to do all kinds of things. Be sure to stop by.

Excellent Computer Books

Peachpit Press

CIPCUG members can save 35% at by logging onto the Peachpit website and using the coupon code PEACHPITUG. Peachpit Press is one of the best publishers of computer and technology books. This is a very generous offer.

Free Instruction


Webucator is offering our members free online self-paced courses in (see subject list.) This is only for currently paid members of CIPCUG. You must have a voucher to use them. If you are interested, please contact Bart Koslow at and he will provide you with the voucher you require.