The Channel Islands PC Users Group began in 1986 as a small band of computer users who wanted to learn more about this new device that had entered their lives and the best way to make it serve their needs. They told their friends about this group and they in turn told others about a computer club that was there to help other users, and where everyone received a warm and friendly greeting. The name of our newsletter, The Outer Edge, is because several of the early members owned Leading Edge computers -- an early pioneer in DOS computers.

Our club has benefited greatly from the many services that we provide to each other. One such valuable service has been the time and effort generously donated by our past Presidents; Walt Yates, Lois Evans de Violini, Terry Lee, Jerry McLoud, Robert Provart, Toby Scott, George Lakes, Andy Toth, David Harris, Paul Westefer, Richard Curry, and Dr. James Brown. These people have all donated tons of hours helping to move our club along to keep up with this rapidly changing industry.

Also, the people donating time and effort to Tech Support for the club which includes all of the above plus Frank Segesman who helped us move from the Bulletin Board world into the World Wide Web, conducting many SIGs in both fields. Without Frank's dedication and his early Bulletin Board for the club, we would have never been as successful as we have been. For this reason, this website is dedicated to his memory.

CIPCUG has grown to the point where it is now one of the largest computer clubs in Ventura County, with over 200 members. Many of our members are new and intermediate computer users whose knowledge and usage of computers is growing with their membership in CIPCUG.


We meet the fourth Saturday of the month for the months January through October and the third Saturday of the month for November and December (to avoid Thanksgiving and Christmas conflicts). Meetings run from 8:45 AM to Noon, at the Camarillo Boys and Girls Club, 1500 Temple Ave. in Camarillo. (Southeast corner of Ponderosa Dr. and Temple Ave.) Visitors are always welcome to attend the meetings at no charge.

Bring your questions. We spend the first 45 minutes divided into two Q & A sessions, one on Internet and connectivity issues and the other on tablets and smart phones or social media (we alternate). After a short business meeting, we open things up for all your questions on any computer related subject. The questions and answers are transcribed into our monthly, award-winning, newsletter, The Outer Edge, for reference later. Also, occasionally we discover more information on your problem after the meeting and add editorial comments to assist you further.

Do take advantage of the coffee break. If someone asks a question in the session that you have dealt with, seek them out and discuss what you have tried and what worked or didn't work. Others will do the same for you. Many members say the coffee break is the most valuable time at the meeting.

After the coffee break, we have a guest presenter on a topic of general interest (hopefully). Take a look at our Programs page to see the kinds of programs we have had recently.

Meeting Schedule