Podcast 270

  • News Item: iPhone apps no better for privacy than Android, Oxford study finds
  • News Item: Google warns 14,000 Gmail users targeted by Russian hackers
  • News Item: Google to auto-enroll 150m users, 2m YouTubers with two-factor authentication
  • News Item: Firefox now shows ads as sponsored address bar suggestions
  • News Item: 136 countries agree to minimum corporate tax rate after Ireland drops its opposition
  • News Item: Microsoft Has Committed to Right to Repair
  • News Item: The best part of Windows 11 is a revamped Windows Subsystem for Linux
  • News Item: Unvaccinated patients are getting kicked off organ transplant waitlists
  • News Item: The EU plans to escalate its Apple Pay investigation next year
  • News Item: US Department of Justice creates cryptocurrency enforcement unit
  • News Item: Africa internet riches plundered, contested by China broker
  • News Item: What Happened to Facebook, Instagram, & WhatsApp?

Photo by Dan Nelson on Unsplash